Refund Policy


1. will offer a complete refund of the good’s value, or exchange with another good for any buyer if the ordered product was damaged during transit to delivery or not working properly. For digital/virtual product, if the voucher code/pin has been used/redeemed before the purchase date, the user must show a confirmation from the publisher that this voucher code/pin or license has been used/redeemed before the delivery time.

2. Refunds, exchange or returns are NOT APPLICABLE to digital/virtual products.

3. Refunds will be done only through the original payment method used for purchasing.

4. Refunds shall be applicable if does not deliver the goods to the shipping address provided by the buyer. For purchased digital/virtual products, refunds shall be applicable if, for any reason caused by does not deliver the ordered product to the User’s registered account.

5. If a User is finding it difficult to redeem a purchased e-Card or Voucher code/pin on the merchant’s website or portal, the user should contact the merchant or publisher directly. The publisher’s contact details are made available on the brand page on the Website.

6. If a user received a wrong product due to shipping error or omission from us, will deliver the correct product as soon as possible after receiving the returned order. For a digital product, will deliver the correct product to the User’s account within seventy-two (48-72) hours a complaint has been lodge.

7. is not responsible for any technical error or redemption issue on the merchant or the publisher’s website or portal.

8. An order cannot be cancelled once it has been made.

9. Once a Product is sold, it may not be returned for refund or credit, and may not be exchanged. However, if the Product delivered does not comply with the buyer’s order or is damaged or defective upon delivery and if the buyer informs Nigo there of immediately and if Nigo records indicate that the Product was defective prior to being delivered to the buyer, nigo shall credit the buyer with a value equal to the purchase price of the Product.